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WineStems Glass Holders

Do you enjoy wine or other beverages while entertaining outdoors? Whether you’re picnicking, attending an outdoor concert, camping, enjoying a day at the beach or just relaxing in your own backyard, WineStems offer an ideal way to enjoy beverages outdoors.

WineStems are uniquely designed stemmed-glass holders—just press into the ground and place your stemware in the top for a beautiful and sturdy way to hold your glass. WineStems are height-adjustable (from six inches to a maximum height of 18 inches); depending on how far they are inserted into the ground, and the stainless steel holder keeps your wine glass within easy reach of a lawn chair or a picnic blanket. The universal holding ring allows them to be used with almost all glassware, and their light weight makes them easy to carry and pack in the included carry bag. Also, each WineStem incorporates a gemstone of your choice for added flair.

The price is $30 for a pair, and includes a beautiful carry bag and protective tips for the WineStem ends.
, (541) 672-9915

RV Directions Travel Service

We all know RVing is becoming more expensive in these times of higher fuel costs and rising camping fees. The real question is where to get the best deal, best route and best services while on the road.

RV Directions gives you the tools to reduce these expenses by up to 50 percent by providing over 40,000 campground locations, campground quality indicators, on-the-road stops, camping supplies, recreation sites, restaurants and shopping locations. Campground data have been collected from several sources that rate campgrounds; this data is consolidated and averaged to reach a consensus opinion. Campgrounds with a score in the top 10 percent receive a rating of “Among The Best.” Campgrounds with a score in the bottom 10 percent receive a rating of “OK.” Campgrounds between these extremes will have ratings of “Good” or “Great.” The cost is $59 for the first year, with renewal discounts. Visit their website or call for more information.
www.rvdirections.com, (877) 541-8795

Nature Link Health Mate Sauna

Doctors and other health professionals often recommend that their patients use a sauna for everything from acne to diabetes. But what about RVers who love their sauna but can’t fit it into the RV? Enter the Nature Link Le Petit Sauna for Small Spaces, built just for RVs.

The one-person RV sauna is only 27 inches wide x 72 inches high x 29 inches deep and is built of Canadian Western red cedar for strength and long life. Standard features include ceramic heaters, interior speakers and even reading lamps. The unit can be assembled inside the RV and will fit into the space where you would normally put a stacking washer/dryer. Power usage is only 10 amps at 120 volts.

With more than 26 years experience, Health Mate is the oldest infrared sauna manufacturer in the world, and the Le Petit has an unconditional lifetime warranty. Retail price is about $2,900.
www.naturelinkfirst.com, (910) 350-8088

Mega-Lights from Davis Instruments

Indoor and awning lighting is something we all use, but if we are off the plug most of us tighten the “power belt” and use only the minimum lighting possible. Now with Mega-Lights from Davis Instruments, power consumption is no longer a worry. These powerful lights can run continuously for more than 700 hours on an 80 amp-hour battery.

Mega-Lights come with two easyto- change bulbs and dual-function Fresnel lenses for increased visibility. The original bayonet-type bulb can be seen up to two nautical miles away and draws just .11 amps. The second bulb is more than twice as bright and requires only .32 amps. In order to avoid unnecessary battery draw, Mega- Lights are equipped with sensors that automatically switch the lights on at dusk and off at dawn. As durable as they are resourceful, Mega-Lights also feature 100 percent waterproof o-ring sealed lenses and bases.

Mega-Lights are available in three different models. The versatile Mega-Light Utility includes a standard lighter plug, 15-foot cord, an easy-hang bracket and an energyefficient circuit board design.

The Mega-Light Masthead comes mounted to a stainless steel bracket, making it easy to install on a masthead, interior wall or bulkhead. It includes a mounting hole for use with a mounting base and comes with 12 inches of lead wire.

The Mega-Light Ultimate Cockpit Light features six function modes, which are controlled by waterproof pushbutton switches. With white incandescent lights, as well as red and yellow LEDs, this light is guaranteed for over 100,000 hours. Function modes include steady white, red or yellow, blinking red or yellow and alternating red and yellow flashing. This light also includes a 15-foot heavy-duty cord, lighter plug and easy-hang bracket. The Utility lights retail for $46.99, the Masthead costs $51.99 and the Mega-Light Ultimate Cockpit Light is $69.99.
www.davisnet.com, (510) 732-9229

Doran Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Doran 360RV system includes an optional, patent-pending “sleep mode” that continues to monitor tire pressures yet withholds alarms until the ignition is turned on. This feature alerts the driver to tire pressure problems at a time when they can be dealt with (rather than in the middle of the night) and won’t cause unwanted disruptions.

In addition to the new sleep mode, the Doran 360RV provides the driver “at- a-glance” status updates with a new patent-pending “Green Means Good” indicator. This unique system monitors up to 36 tires for RV, trailer and tow-vehicle applications. The driver is also alerted through multiple alarms (audible, location, pressure, and warning symbol) so that low tire-pressure problems can be addressed and costly breakdowns and repairs are avoided. The sensors simply replace the tire valve-stem cap and the monitor unit takes only a few minutes to install.

Installation can be accomplished without any special tools in about an hour, leaving no external antennas or exposed wires. A simple-tounderstand- and-operate LCD screen display comes equipped with four-way navigational buttons. Costs range from $499.99 for a six-wheel system to $799.99 for a 12-wheel system.
www.doranmfg.com, (866) 816-7233