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New on the market is the IntelliStick, a compact dipstick replacement that electronically monitors anti-wear conditions of engine oil and is able to detect water and/or coolant intrusions. Real-time oil-condition data can be easily uploaded via a Bluetooth wireless device such as a PDA, cell phone or laptop computer using Microsoft Windows.

To provide continuous monitoring, the IntelliStick uses a simple, patented type of conductivity test that applies low voltage with slow varying waveforms across two sensor arrays. The system measures changes in the electrochemical current flow caused by additive package depletion and impurities that accumulate over time in engine oil. As more additives are depleted, most notably antioxidants and detergents, the oil’s conductivity is compromised, which leads to a corresponding reduction in the IntelliStick sensor reading.

In order to simplify this phenomenon in graphical terms, the developer, Dr. Kauffman, used thousands of hours of U.S. military testing on Humvee engines to develop the “Kauffman Curve.” This curve shows the direct correlation between oil additive depletion and useful oil life.

The IntelliStick is compatible with most gasoline and diesel engines. For additional information and pricing contact them directly.
www.intellistick.com, (888) 812-5988

Dri Wash ‘n’Guard

Introduced initially as a waterless car wash and polish, Dri Wash ‘n’ Guard works on all kinds of vehicles without using one drop of water. This means that you can clean any vehicle anywhere at anytime without having to worry about wasting water.

A quart of the highly concentrated Dri Wash ‘n’ Guard costs $42.50 and includes a handy pump, an applicator and two microfiber towels to do a complete job right from the start. For further information contact them directly through their website. www.dwgint.net/in2tfuture, (877) 276-3070

Davis Knot-a-Bag

Now there’s a neater way for boaters, hikers and campers to separate wet bathing suits, toiletries, food and other necessities. With the space-saving Knot-a-Bag from Davis Instruments, outdoor enthusiasts have a large supply of any size bag they need. It’s perfect for trash, travel, storing fish and even gardening.

Inside the unique four-inch Knota- Bag dispenser is a highly compact 32-foot roll of plastic bag material. A blend of high- and low-density polyethylene provides unmatched strength. By pulling out the desired length of plastic, cutting it with the built-in safety cutter and knotting the end, users create the perfect bag for any purpose. A tiny bag is ideal for keeping jewelry together; a larger one will tote beach blankets.

The Davis Knot-a-Bag has a circumference of 24 inches. Weighing just three ounces, the convenient dispenser can be clipped to a belt or backpack and includes two rolls of polyethylene film. The Knot-a- Bag Refill Pack provides three additional rolls. The dispenser and refill packs are each priced at $7.50. Contact Davis Instruments directly to order.
www.davisnet.com, (510) 732-9229

Porta-Bote International

On the anniversary of 35 years of continuous production, Porta- Bote International has unveiled its latest high-performance portable folding camping boats for 2008. These boats fold to four inches flat!

All Porta-Botes can be opened in just a few minutes, weigh half as much as comparable aluminum boats and store easily when folded flat. They are available in eight-, 10-, 12- and 14-foot models with hulls that weigh in at a mere 49, 59, 69 and 96 pounds, respectively.

As for performance, Porta-Botes leave similar size aluminum boats and inflatables in their wake, needing only half the horsepower of these heavier boats. The hull’s design traps the bow wave and guides it under the boat to dramatically reduce drag while increasing speed and stability. The hulls are tough enough to withstand seawater, fuel and even battery acid, and come with a 10-year limited warranty. Call them or visit their website for more information, options and pricing.
www.porta-bote.com, (800) 227-8882

Contoure Space Saver Microwave

If you have a smaller RV you may not have room for a big microwave or convection oven to heat up a quick snack or cook a meal. For the convenience of microwave cooking on the go, Inter- Con Marketing introduces the 120- volt Contoure Space Saver microwave oven.

At 700 Watts, the oven is powerful enough to make a bowl of popcorn. It provides a generous 0.6 cubic feet of cooking space, and a digital, interactive touchpad offers a choice of 10 power levels to prepare anything from a cup of coffee to a frozen dinner. Eight touch menus provide the perfect cooking time and temperature for potatoes, pizzas, beverages, soups, dinner plates, and fresh and frozen vegetables. Similar to full-size household microwaves, the Space Saver has a pushbutton door, an interior light and a 10-inch glass turntable for even cooking. Its jet defrost gets the job done fast, and a child safety lock protects against curious toddlers. In fashionable brushed stainless steel, the outside dimensions of the unit are 17-1/4 inches wide x 10-1/5 inches high x 14 inches deep. The state-ofthe- art Space Saver weighs just 27 pounds, is CUL Listed and retails for only $159.95. Contact InterCon Marketing directly for more information, dealer locations or ordering.
www.contoure.com, (888) 551-1041