September 2014 - Angling the Florida Keys


How did you celebrate the Big 45 with Thousand Trails? Take a look at some of the festivities from our mega-party in our Spotlight feature. More cake, anyone?

Driving the Atlantic Coast:

Itís a coastal adventure, from the rocky shores of New England to the sandy beaches of Florida, as we drive 2,000 plus miles, from Maine on south!

Angling for the Florida Keys:

From record-setting events to a newbieís first cast, fishing in the Florida Keys is an adventure for everyone.

Joan DeAno Rykal

Kim Wuchter
Paul & Kerri Elders

Mindy Drexler


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September 2014

Message From the President

Marguerite Nader - CEO, Equity LifeStyle Properties

In this issue, we share with you just a few of the photos and comments from our 45 Year Anniversary Celebration held in July (see pages 22 and 23.) Looking over these, itís obvious that we have done more than just create 45 years of Camping Memories. We have created a family, a sense of community, and a way of life.

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